Sunday, September 11, 2011

Favorite Homeschooling Find #2

I had actually planned to choose a different website as my second-favorite homeschooling find, but the need to occupy my four-year-old, hopefully in a vaguely educational way, prodded me to rediscover this little gem.  When Mr. D. was begging me to let him play a game on the computer, I quickly looked up "preschool games" and came up with  Starfall is a free phonics resource emphasizing phonics skills and early reading skills.  Mr. D. played happily on their website for over an hour, reviewing the alphabet and letter sounds.  They do have other resources for sale at the Starfall store and a full kindergarten curriculum available for purchase at, something I may explore for next year.  But for reinforcing basic preschool skills while keeping a little boy happy, I'm planning to keep this site on my list of favorites.

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