Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Buried in (Fun) Projects

I was putting off posting until I had time to go through some new lists of free resources for homeschooling, but I had to stop and write about my creative project consultant.  Miss J. has never met a project idea that she can't improve.  When I ask for a poster, she asks if she can create a 3-d display.  When I wanted Miss C. to write a story about an event that happened and she insisted she couldn't, Miss J. cut up some paper to make a little book that Miss C. could fill far more easily than the piece of paper I had given her.  Today, after considering the model of Mount Olympus that she was already making, Miss J. decided that she could better depict the complexities of Greek mythology by creating a video game.  So this afternoon, she spent an hour and a half using Gamemaker (which Mr. B. had taught her to use this summer) to create a computer game. 

Now, I have to admit, my first thought when J. spins my assignment in a new direction is usually, "Wait a minute..."  However, I'm slowly learning that giving her choices puts her in charge of her learning.  And isn't this what we want?  Children who are self-motivated, curious, and creative?  Now I just need to convince her to create the rubrics for grading the projects, too. ;-)

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