Monday, June 6, 2011

Writing again!

Story ideas are tossed around at our house like some families throw footballs or baseballs.  Someone is always testing his or her newest plotline on the audience gathered around our dinner table.  Unfortunately, I am rarely that someone.  In fact, my last great story idea was about five years ago, and I am just now in the final stages of completing that story.  Most of the time I serve as the family reader/editor, someone who challenges everyone else to justify their characters' actions with clear motivations, to clarify plotlines that have gotten muddled or too complicated, and to clean up their language usage and grammatical errors.

Sometimes you have to leave a piece of writing for awhile in order to see it with fresh eyes.  I tend to take this concept to the extreme.  Gregg and I have just resurrected a story we worked on together from 1992 - 1995.  We actually abandoned it to pursue other things, like having children, careers, more kids, graduate work, more kids... you get the idea.  Broken Toys was the first writing project that we worked on together, and it is the first one that we have completed.  I hope that our persistence in our own writing will encourage our children to continue working toward completing their goals, even when life intervenes.